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What is Khayla Token ?

Khayla token is not created for payment , but is used as Digital Asset , so that it is easy to buy and sell to betwen people.
Khayla token is in the concept with a reduced supply system, so that the amount of supply will never increase, because we will burn the supply every month, and supply will always decrease.
We sell tokens to make products and we will use 50% of profit to burn Tokens, so the value of Digital Assets will increase due to reduced supply.
With this concept, we believe that the price of this Token will be stable and will always increase relatively, so that it is precisely called Digital Asset, for more details please read our Whitepaper.

Token Detail

Name Khayla Token
Code KAL
Starting Supply 120,000,000 KAL
Token Sale 100,000,000 KAL
Sale Bonus 10% 10,000,000 KAL
Bounty 10,000,000 KAL
Price 0.01 USD
Soft Cap 150,000 USD

1 KAL = 0.01 USD

Buy Tokens Now 10% Bonus

Token Sale phase

Phase 1 Bonus 10% ( 2,500,000 KAL )
Phase 2 Bonus 7% ( 1,750,000 KAL )
Phase 3 Bonus 3% ( 750,000 KAL )
Phase 4 Bonus 0% ( 0 KAL )
Currency: ETH, BTC
Min Purchase: 100 KAL
Sale Starts April 01 2019 (00:01 AM)
Sale End April 30 2019 (11:59 PM)
Hard Cap 1,000,000 USD

1 KAL = 0.01 USD

Buy Tokens Now - 10% Bonus

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Why is Khayla token is valuable?

supply will never increase

Not Like any other coin that uses a mining system, and raises supply every new block, supplay the Khayla token will decrease.

Fast transaction betwen user

The Khayla Token uses ERC20 so the transaction will be completed in a few seconds and scure.

Growth of Token value

Our ( the company ) will burn tokens every month, Without any new investors for buying tokens the price will continue to rise.

Price will still UP

50% company net profit will use for buy token on market , then will burn on end of month price will up.

Double profit if comunity is growing

New community + decrease supply , Do you know what will happen ?
welcome to the smell concept !


KAL Token Price

0.01 USD

ICO Participants

292,821 USERS

Current Supply

1,001,660 KAL
Our Way



Khayla Token Exchange Target

Our Beloved

Khayla core team